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Reading and Reaction (From the green book)

Question 9 and 10
9. What is Mama’s opinion of her daughter at the beginning of the play? How does this view change by the end? In what way is Mrs. Carter responsible for this change?

At the beginning of the play, it seems that Mama’s has certain doubts of Florence living condition. She worries of her daughter’s welfare. In the end though, she believes that Florence is capable of handling herself. She decided to let Florence being independent on her own.We can see that somehow Mrs. Carter plays an important role in influencing this change because of her provocation and some hidden mockery or sarcasm  Mama's change her mind.

10. Although the play bears her name, Florence never appears on stage. In what sense is Florence nevertheless a character in the play? Why do you think Childress names the play for her?

In a sense, Florence is the one who 'move' this play. Meaning that, she is the reason that this play has a storyline. I think that Childress names the play for her because she is the main character although she doesn't appear in the play. Besides that, Childess names the play for her because it goes to show that a typical type of play or story often names after the important character.


11. Should Mama have confronted Mrs Carter directly? What do you think would have happened had she done so?

For me, there are two answers for the first question. First, she should confronted Mrs Carter directly as Mrs Carter needs to be told that her sarcasm and belittling of the negro people are offensive. Second, she shouldn't confronted Mrs Carter as this will only bring severe consequences onto her which also apply to my first answer.


In an analysis of Alice Childress's work, Jean Marie A. Miller says,"To Childress. however. the black woman is the most heroic figure to emerge in America." At the heart of Childress's plays, Miller notes, is an ordinary woman "whose life is eventful until circumstances force her to rise to the fullness of her strength." According to Miller, " the black woman not only transcends her own predicaments but often functions as a catalyst for change in those whose lives she touches." How does Mama fit this characterization?

We can actually relate what Miller describe about Childress towards Mama's characteristic. Mama character might be a mirror for Childress herself. Mama's life as we can see isn't that easy and she struggle to even pay for her rent. But because of this, she begins to fully show her strength as a woman by being very patient of the circumstances that befall her. On the other hand, her confident on her daughter surely will affect and mostly change the life of her daughter. her caring that we mustn't ignore is also shown when she nicely ask the porter of his welfare as if he was a family member.  

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